GRACE (Kiss and Tale Productions) Anna Elizabeth James, Director; Tim Bien, Hayden Bilson, Prod.
KEYHOLE GARDEN (Desert Flamingo, LLC) Marco Perego-Saldana, Director; Julie Yorn, Prod
U.M.S.P. Pilot (Amazon) Chris Storer, Director; Jon Petrie Exec Prod, Mehar Sethi, Writer
CORPORATE ANIMALS (Snoot Entertainment), Patrick Brice, Director
SHORT HISTORY OF THE LONG ROAD (Long Road Film) Ani Simon Kennedy, Director
RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL (Rivers and Roads Production) Jason Cabell, Director
TRANSPECOS (Nancy Schafer, Clint Bentley, Producers) Greg Kwedar, Director
HELLBENT (Rhian Williams, Laura Davis, Prod) Tjardus Greidanus, Director
BURNING BODHI (Marshall Bear, Prod) Matthew McDuffie, Director
THE GUEST (Keith Calder, Jessica Wu, Prods) Adam Wingard Director
TWO MEN IN TOWN (Jean Brehat, Allen Bain, Prods) Rachid Bouchareb, Director
SAIGE PAINTS THE SKY (Debra Martin Chase, Steven Brown, Jean McKenzie, Prods)Vince Marcello, Director
FRANK (Ed Guiney, David Barron,Prods) Lenny Abrahamson, Director
ODD THOMAS (John Baldecci, Howard Caplan, Prods) Stephen Sommers, Director
JUST LIKE A WOMAN (Jean Brehat, Allen Bain, Prods) Rachid Bouchareb, Director
LEMONADE MOUTH (Debra Martin Chase, Matias Alvarez, Prods) Patricia Riggen, Director
MACGRUBER (Ryan Kavanaugh, Lorne Michaels, Prods) Jorma Taccone, Director
EASY MONEY (Keith Samples, Clayton Krueger, Joe Hipps, Diane Frolov, Andy Schneider, Brandon Hill, Prods)
THE BURNING PLAIN (Walter Parkes, Laurie MacDonald, Prods) Guillermo Arriaga, Director
IN PLAIN SIGHT (David Maples, Paul Stupin, Prods) Season 1
TENNESSEE (Lee Daniels, Prod) Aaron Woodley, Director
LOVE LIES BLEEDING (Mark Handel, Matt Luber, Lena Roklin, Prods) Keith Samples, Director
CARRIERS (Ray Angelic, Anthony Bregman, Prods) David & Alex Pastor, Directors
THE HITCHER (Michael Bay, Brad Fuller, Andrew Form, Prods) Dave Meyers, Director
WILD HOGS (Todd Lieberman, Michael Tollin, Brian Robbins, Prods) Walt Becker, Director
TRADE (Roland Emmerich, Rosilyn Heller, Prods) Marco Kreuzpainter, Director

Click below for a downloadable PDF:
Kathryn Brink 2020 Resume

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