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Kathryn’s teamed with the following CD’s-

John Papsidera (First Snow)
Debra Zane (Burning Plain)
Bonnie Zane Easy Money)
Mary Vernieu (Best World)
Judy Taylor (Disney & Easy Money)
Billy Hopkins (Tennessee)
Avy Kaufman (Enemy Way)
Paul Schnee/Kerry Barden (Midnight Sun)
Nicole Daniels/Courtney Bright (Goats, Odd Thomas)
Marcia Ross/Erin Toner
Fiona Weir (Frank)
Marcia Ross (Saige Paints The Sky)
Heidi Levitt
Todd Thaler (Friendship)
Justine Leocadie (France/Enemy Way)
Victoria Thomas (Lemonade Mouth)
Sheila Jaffe (MacGruber)
Alexis Koczara/Christine Shevchenko (In Plain Sight)
Pam Dixon
Chadwick Struck (Linewatch)
Jeanne McCarthy
Ann McCarthy/Jay Scully (Wild Hogs)
Aleta Chappelle (Welcome to America)
Monika Mikkelsen
Mali Finn
Ricki Masler (Far Side of Jericho)
Lisa Fields
Fern Champion
Geralyn Flood
Cathy Henderson-Martin
Annie Hamilton
Rene Haynes
Rody Kent
Amanda Mackey

Commercial Clients: Nike, Bounty, Virgin Mobile, EDS, Hyatt,
Pace, Nissan, Jeep, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, JC Penny, Target,
Garnet Hill, Interpolis, Discovery Channel, Partnership for Drug
Free America, Fox TV, Comedy Central, Bank of America, American
Express, Marlboro, Carls Jr, Pingue, P & G, Denny’s,
Maalox, AT & T, Toyota,

SITE LINKS…/casting…/kathryn-brink-casting-75696/‎‎,&display=&type=C › … › Production Services Directory › Listing A-C‎ › Locals › New Mexico Local › Local Resources,,3115949,00.html‎


“Kathryn was fundamental in the local New Mexico casting needed for the characters of Third and Mabel, and it was through her connections and initiative that first-time actor Fannie Loretto was discovered, who shone through at audition level from among many trained actors.” Jennifer Corcoran, Writer/Director
“She Sings To The Stars”

1 Response to Photos/Testimonials

  1. Kathryn Brink is a very dedicated professional who admires actors and often works with them in workshops in New Mexico. In her Auditioning Workshop, she made all actors of all levels of experience feel very welcomed and appreciated. She is one of the few teachers I know that really takes her time to bring out the best in any actor. She is very patient and makes all actors feel comfortable. She knows how to communicate effectively to bring about the uniqueness of each person in character roles that needs to be brought to life. As an experienced actor that has known Kathy for multiple years, I can say that she can always pose a challenge that helps me improve my acting skills. She is also a very loving human being who has helped keep me motivated in this difficult career choice.

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